Giving yourself permission to live your dream life

Suitable Forums: This is most suitable for a forum who have been together for 3 + years and would like to take it to a new level and become high performing.  This is for entrepreneurs who want more than just building a business to cash out. It is for entrepreneurs who want to have meaning in their lives.

Have you had a lot of success but still feel unsuccessful? Do you feel out of alignment with your business? Do you sometimes feel the grass is greener on the other side?

You’re not alone as this is a common feeling among entrepreneurs. We are surrounded by so many amazing and successful people and we are provided with so many different opportunities that it is easy to start comparing yourself to other people’s lives and even start trying to live their life. 

Too often we do things because we see others do it or we feel obligated to do it. We have feelings of jealousy when we see others success or guilt that we have not reached our potential. Even worse we spend so much time in our heads wondering if what we are doing is the right thing or dreaming about another life.

This retreat will free you of this burden.

You’ll be taken through a framework that has been built through years of academic research, insights from very successful people and from personal experience. You will determine a clear vision for how you would like the next 1, 5 and 10 years of your life to look like and create a personal scorecard that becomes your new benchmark for success. Most importantly you will learn how to give yourself permission to live the life that you want.

When you finish this retreat it is not the end, it is only the beginning. Your forum will be taught strategies, tactics and methods to ensure that you continue your journey to become a high performing forum and keep each other accountable to live the life that you each want.

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