Being Intentional




living in line with my purpose

I love business and I'll never stop having, building and investing in businesses. Through my entrepreneurial journey I've discovered where I get the most enjoyment and sense of satisfaction is when I'm sharing experiences and insights with other people who want to overcome challenges and become the best versions of themselves. After having many people I greatly respect encourage me to do more of this, I decided to intentionally make this part of my life. This is not a business for me, it's a passion project and something I enjoy every minute of. For this reason I host a limited number of retreats annually, and coach a maximum of 10 leaders at a given time. The benefit of this is you'll always get the best version of me as I don't have to do this, I choose to.




Once in a lifetime


Transformational experience


Candid Conversations




Access to the unaccessible


Connections for life


Challenging but fun environment

"Finn has coached me through a business crisis, a marriage crisis and a personal crisis, each time giving me great insights and A refreshing objective perspective whilst always having the ability to gently call me out if i was kidding myself.

- Warrick, EO Australia Victoria


Meet Finn

For the last 13 years through my experience as an Army Officer, Financial adviser, Entrepreneur and Coach I’ve successfully been guiding and advising people who are a lot older, more successful and wealthier than me. I am not afraid to call things as they are and I am not satisfied until everyone who has come in contact with me as had a personal breakthrough and have changed for the better. I believe before you can lead others you need to lead yourself and I will provide many different insights that will inspire you to make change.

I am a global citizen spending the majority of my time between Colorado, Australia and the Philippines. This along with my vast business, leadership, philanthropic and relationship experiences provides me a number of unique insights that others have greatly benefited from.


things about me

  • 8 Years of entrepreneur experience - 7 companies, 3 exits, 2 acquisitions, 2 failures, 2 still running. Global experience.

  • Leader since the age of 20 with up to 100 people directly responsible.

  • EO member for 5 years, member of 3 different chapters and forums, EMP graduate, Past Board member, accelerator coach

  • Ex Army Officer - Graduate of one of the most respected leadership organisations in the World, The Royal Military College of Duntroon

  • Financial expert, previously a financial adviser to 50 High Net Wealth Families and currently co-founder of exclusive Gen Y/ Millennial financial advice and coaching company Wealth Enhancers

  • Sought out Keynote speaker on leadership and living life with intention

  • Multiple Entrepreneurial award winner including National Young Leader of the year and 3 times top 30 under 30.

  • My proudest achievement to date is participating in a National Geographic Documentary call UnderCover Angel that featured my philanthropic activities.

  • Recently organized and facilitated an invite only leadership retreat in Revelstoke with the participants all being experienced EO members. They all (including guest speaker Warren Rustand) rated it as the best retreat experience they have ever had.


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