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Being intentional means that you have a clear understanding of your purpose and values and then can learn to live every day inline with these. It's being authentic to yourself and creating the life that you want rather than the one you think you should have. This sounds great but it's not easy to do. 

These retreats will put you in an environment where you will learn how to be more intentional and will provide a framework for you to live your life by.

Types of Retreats


All the hard work is taken away from you. A proven formula is used to ensure you have a transformational experience. Everything is inclusive, just decide the date and the level of experience that you want to have and you're good to go!


You have the destination in mind, however you know that the location is only a part of it. Customize your objectives from a variety of retreat topics and we will facilitate your retreat for you and ensure you achieve the outcomes that you desire.


These retreats are designed around our own desires to have intimate time with an amazing leader, form life long connections with interesting people, while ticking off a bucket list destination. All attendees are curated so make sure you express interest quickly.

""Finn did an amazing job hosting our YPO forum. He handled everything, making my life simple.  Finn is really good at moderating discussions and keeping the learning sessions on track. Our forum came out of the retreat much closer to each other and it wouldn't have been nearly as productive if it weren't for Finn."!"

- Adam Blake, YPO Kansas City

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The Magic behind your experience

Finn Kelly

My purpose is to provide insights so that others are inspired to make change. I had a challenging childhood and from a young age I knew that a positive and resilient mindset was one of the most important attributes to achieve success. I've spent my life acquiring skills, techniques and experiences to make myself a better person, leader and to live with more intentionality.  I'm extremely passionate about having an impact on the World and I believe the best way is to share my insights with others so that they can make positive changes to themselves and in turn have a more positive impact on the World.



If you have ever been to the "Beav" before you will understand why I have chosen to make this the place where I spend a lot of my time. It is one of the most beautiful places in the World and there is a unique charm to it. The resort was created intentionally by the original founders of Vail who wanted a special place to live. It has been the host of 3 Ski World Cups, has some of the best powder in the World and some say it is even more beautiful in Summer than Winter. Once you enter the "Beav" you will feel all of the stresses and worries of the World drop away as you marvel in the beauty and peacefulness.

"When I jump out of the rat race for a break, there is nothing better than a unique life experience in an amazing place with amazing people where I come out of it smarter and with great new friends."

- cam good, EO VANCOUVER

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